10 Insane Longboard Crashes

10 Insane Longboard Crashes

Longboarding is an inherently dangerous sport. While most of the time we step on a board we step off okay, there are times when things can get a little hairy and just a little too gnarly. This post is dedicated to those moments. Stay safe out there guys.

CRASH #10 - Forgot to Ollie

Skating ditches is amazing. But the territory comes riddled with cracks, holes, and drains. Don't forget to ollie or you might end up face planting. 

CRASH #9 - Costa Rica Freerider Hit by Car

The worst longboarding “hit by car” video I’ve seen. So good LiveLeak picked it up even though it was originally posted to Facebook. As if there weren’t enough of these warnings already, this is another reminder to wear your helmet and spot intersections. Skip ahead to around 1:34 for the pain.

CRASH #8 - Kai and Chris Slide Into the Rocks at Cen Mass 4

Ugh. This was gnarly to watch in person. Kai Monroe had been steaming into switch backsides for a few runs and going into his fastest one yet slipped off the road into some rocks at the bottom, only to be followed closely by Chris O’Brien. Kai took it easy much of the rest of the day, and the bales were moved to cover up these rocks.

CRASH #7 - No shirt, no helmet, no problem...

As the title suggests this guy doesn't believe in safety. Head first into the concrete is just a way of life for him... Skip to around 0:55 for the money shot

CRASH #6 - Asinas Hits a Mailbox at Longboard for Life 3

Mike Asinas is a good friend of mine and this past summer at Longboard for Life 3, which had some bad crashes, took home the most brutal of all when he wrapped himself around a mailbox (last crash in this vid). While he attributes his G-Form case in his pocket to not being seriously injured, Mike could not walk at all for a few days following. He wasn't in gym class for a whole two weeks! Here’s a #exclusive ER pic from the man himself.

CRASH #5 - James Kelly Wobbles Out

At this point we’ve all seen this video. In my opinion this might be one of the best downhill skating vids ever made, and James Kelly might be one of the best downhill skaters out there. This does not mean, however, that he can’t fall. Speed wobbles happen to the best of us, and if they happen to James, you know the crash was gnarly. The American Dream eats it at 2:26.

CRASH #4 - Ed Garner Wrekt

Ed is always killing it, and in another of my favorite videos from last year, Ed eats it going stupid fast into a switch slide at 1:31, but I've placed the video at 0:58 because you have got to see how fast he’s mobbing over what defines jank pavement.

CRASH #3 - The Classic “Longboard Fail”

Here’s your stereotypical longboard crash. Some dude who clearly doesn’t skate, looks like he’s had a couple brews, without a helmet, trying to go down a hill. We all know what happens next.

CRASH #2 - Frankie Colaprete Falls Off, Then Back On, Then Back Off

A gnarly crash? Out of Florida? What? While they might not rage at 60mph, and I can’t tell you why this dude took this line so tight, Florida has got some rad skaters that make for some brutal crashes. The surprising nature of the fall in this video is only outdone by the next one.

CRASH #1 - Reindeer Takes Out a Skater at BBDH

Probably the last thing you’re expecting when you are raging down a hill, especially in a race, is for something to come out and ATTACK YOU. That’s pretty much what happened here, as a reindeer jumps right in front of a skater and knocks him off his board.

Stay safe out there and throw us a share if you enjoyed!

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