First off, welcome to to the world of skating! Wether you're look looking to cruise across campus or become the next world champion, the skate culture has a place for everyone. It may not be easy in the beginning, but patience and practice will get you comfortable on a board in no time.

You're going to get familiar with your set up the more you skate it. In the beginning, put your board in the grass or carpet and stand on the platform. Find where your feet are comfortable. Lean forward and back to feel the trucks move. Practice getting on and off your board. See what foot will be your dominate pushing foot and your plated foot.

When you feel comfortable enough to try pavement, make sure you are in a safe area with little to no traffic. School parking lots on the weekend or quiet neighborhood streets are a good way to start.

Balance is a major factor in any sport with wheels. Remember to flex your core and keep your knees bent. Your feet should be about shoulder width apart. Make sure you have straight posture and your shoulders open.

Keep your weight on your planted foot. This foot will control your balance while you push. Turn your foot so your toes are facing the nose of the board. Then use your other foot to push against the pavement. In the beginning, try to accomplish one push, then put your back foot onto the deck and adjust your front foot 90°. 

Carving / Turning:
Distribute your weight on your heels to turn left and your toes to steer right. Keep your knees bent for balance and your shoulders pointing in the direction you want to go. Try not to look down at your wheels. Keep your chin up and your eyes ahead of you. 

Thankfully, most of foot breaking is similar to pushing. Keep your weight on the planted foot and drag your pushing foot along the ground until you come to a complete stop. Bending your knees will help you stay solid and balanced.

Remember, practice makes perfect! The more you skate, the more you will learn. Tony Hawk didn't learn over night. It takes time and patience. Always wear a helmet and happy skating!

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