Longboard Riding Styles and Which is Best For You

Longboard Riding Styles and Which is Best For You

Longboards offer a faster, smoother, and more stable ride than traditional skateboards. These boards vary in shapes and sizes. Before buying a new longboard, you should learn about the different riding styles in order to decide which best fits your longboarding desires. Below are the most common riding styles, a brief explanation of each style, and links to available boards for each category:


Cruising typically refers to casually riding a longboard down the street or around town. Carving is a technique used to slow down and maintain control using wide or sharp turns. This is the broadest of the riding styles. 

View Cruising/Carving Longboards 


Longboarding is a great method of transportation. Longboards with the primary purpose of getting from point A to point B are called commuters. There are a few key things needed for commuters: pushability, smoothness, stability, and portability/storage. The longer the board, the smoother and stabler it’ll be, but the harder it is to carry into work or school. Here are our best commuter boards:

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This is the most creative style. Freestyle longboarding is all about switching stances while riding. This includes doing side-stepping tricks, jumping, flipping, spinning, and board dancing. Freestyle is great for beginners.

View Freestyle Longboards


The most dangerous and extreme style of longboarding, downhill, is all about bombing down a hill at speeds of around 60 mph and maintaining control using drifting and hand slides. To reach maximum speeds, the rider gets into a tucked position and places all their weight on their front foot. These boards are typically 37-43 inches long and are very stiff to reduce speed wobbles. Downhill wheels need to be soft for good grip. Because downhill longboarding is dangerous, riders wear full face helmets, pads, and protective suits. This riding style should only be attempted by expert longboarders.

View Downhill Longboards


This style is very similar to downhill, hence why downhill and freeride boards are very similar. Freeriding involves riding down hills at high speed using power slides, but emphasizes more on tricks, slides, spins, curbs, and drifting without hands. This riding style is better for beginner and intermediate riders than downhill, however, it still requires prior longboarding skills.

View Freeride Longboards

If you have any questions regarding riding styles or what board would best fit your needs, send us an email: orders@thelongboardstore.com

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