Customize your Uru Board

Let’s craft a board that tells your story!
Getting a customized board is like getting a tattoo. It is personal to us, represents our believes, and narrates our stories. We at Uru boards make sure that your story finds its best illustration on your board. We bring your stories alive on your boards.
We craft boards that make a statement for you.
Custom options
Every rider is unique, and so are their dreams for their boards. We have collaborated with many riders to turn their dreams into their dream boards.
Some prefer to add their favorite destination to their boards, or their longboard group names. While many come with fancy ideas and intricate details to be crafted on their boards.
Your dream board could be minimalistic or have intricate details. Our passion lies in bringing them alive on your board!
Still confused? Don’t worry! We don’t just personalize your board; we also customize your experience with us. Feel free to have a chat, or book a free 30 minutes session to ask it all. Let’s get crafting your custom longboard!
Accessories Included 
8PCS Bearings - ABEC 7 
4PCS Wheels - 65-70mm 78A Poly Urethane
2PCS Trucks -  MS3101 Longboard Trucks
1PC Grip Tape - Based on the design
8PCS Nut & Bolt set for mounting Trucks
Tell us what you want !