Everyone should be 100% happy with their Uru board. Therefore our award winning boards come with the following service:


✔ 30-Days-Money-Back Guarantee on all non-custom boards

✔ Free Shipping to anywhere in India.

✔ Personal purchase advice by our shapers and trainers



Need more info or can't find what you are looking for? Check out the below, or feel free to chat to our shapers.

Everyone deserves a unique board art design. Therefore we have a broad range of design series and custom options, which are all crafted in real time, directly after you submitted your order. This is what we call Made to Order. Thanks to years of crafting experience we are able to craft and ship your unique board quite fast.

Currently, boards from stock* are shipped the next business day, made to order boards in 1 to 2 weeks and Full custom boards in 2-3 weeks, which is primarily dependent of the design process.

Fast track options are also available, contact our shapers for more info.

* stock boards are: Shotgun Dark Blue, Shotgun Carbonara, Oceana, Awesome with their standard design options.

Not happy? Need another size? Want a refund? Return it undamaged within 30 days and we'll solve it.

A minimal sign of wear is acceptable but obviously undamaged and without (deep) scratches. The transportation costs for the return are yours to cover. Boards with custom artworks or personalisation cannot be returned. There are no further if's and but's, but feel free to check our terms and conditions.

LIEUWE offers free shipping to the E.U. Outside the E.U. shipping rates between regions may vary, but are always clearly indicated in the check-out process. In most regions our transport companies also offer priority shipping.

We aim to deliver a Hassle Free Worldwide Shipping, which means you should not be bothered by unexpected fees and taxes once you purchased your Lieuwe. 

This means that orders outside the EU are shipped under the incoterms DDP. DDP (Delivery Duty Paid), which means that Lieuwe Boards assumes all of the responsibility, risk, and costs associated with transporting goods until the buyer receives, accepts or transfers them at the destination port.
Lieuwe Boards will make every effort to ensure that all orders are delivered within specific dates for certain locations after receiving the order. If this is not possible for any reason the customer will be informed by appropriate means (email, post or telephone) and their money will be refunded. Reimbursement will take place as soon as possible, and at the latest within a period of 14 days from the order being received.

Check our store locator to see if there are any dealers or test centres near you.

No dealer in your area? Let us know where we should definitely set-up-shop!

The VIP of the questions! This is probably the most important aspect of a board. We suggest you to take a look at our weight tables. These are the sizes we recommend for all our boards. 

Is your weight in between two boards? Then you have to consider your rider style as well. If you like to ride in hard winds and more playfulness and flexibility then you should go for the smaller option. With a smaller board, it’s easier to hold your edge in hard winds. But becomes harder when the wind drops. 

Do you like normal to light wind conditions, then you should definitely go for the bigger option. This will give you more stability and control. It will be easier to ride upwind when the wind is low, but it will become harder to hold your edge when the wind starts pumping.


Check our kiteboard buyers guide to learn everything about finding your perfect fit. 

Your board should be the right board for you. This is why we offer a variety of board styles that help you progress at any level. Usually, fresh beginners choose our Awesome (yep it is!), Intermediate to advanced riders say ‘Shotgun’ and Wakestylers ‘Say No More’. Going next level, extreme riders go big with our super-fast Oceana, Pro’s choose the extremely stiff, direct Carbonara to give them that extra boost on flat water or clean ocean waves. Take a look at the following table to see which one will fit you!


The Shotgun is a high-end freestyle board. It is crafted for speed, control and big air with ultimate ride comfort in any condition. It provides lots of pop while still being forgiving and delivers a high top-end speed and yet gives perfect control. Soft and predictable landings and great chop handling are guaranteed 

The Carbonara is a big air, pro performance kiteboard. The direct and fast Carbon version is designed to go big and ride fast on the flat spots or clean waves. It is slightly lighter than the shotgun. Due to its stiffness it goes faster and higher. However, it is less comfortable in choppy water. On the long-term, it is less forgiving for the knees as well.

Hell yes it is! Lieuwe doesn’t just makes board, we craft stories. Do you have an amazing idea that should be implemented on one of our boards? We are the one for you. We can dedicate your board to your favorite artwork, business profile, passions, dreams or even animals. 

You can send you request to info@lieuweboards.com. We can also provide help from our graphic designer to work out the details if you need any guidance. 

Creating a full custom board costs an additional amount of €300 to the standard price of the board.

The distance between the pads and straps

The longer your body length, the longer de distance between the pads and straps should be. Putting your bindings close to each other will make it more controllable and steerable, you will have a more playful experience. A wider distance between bindings will give more stability when you land a jump. It also makes it easier to handle a lot of power. 

The angle of the bindings

When your bindings are more angled, where your toes are more pointed to the tips, you will be able to show some more maneuvers. Comfortable and general kitesurf riders who like to play around will like this more. 

When you place your bindings parallel to each other, it will give you more stability, reduces the pressure on the knees, you can bear harder landings. As already said, if you like cruising around comfortably, this one might not be the setup for you. 

Important: Keep the angle identical to the other!

Placing it more toe side or heel side? 

It is normal to place the pads exactly in the middle. However, if you have smaller/bigger feet you might want to check how your foot fits in the binding. Check if the feet lies centered on the board when it is in the binding. If not? You could adjust to pad so that your feet is in the center of the board. You can choose to put the pad more toe side or heel side. Placing it more on the heel side will give you a better edge, it could improve jumps. But your balance will be less stable.

The flat size of the fins point to the inside of the board. The rounded side of the fins point to the outside of the board. 

The steeper part of the fins should point to the tips.

To be announced!

Our SAY NO MORE is perfectly made for riding with boots! 

It is the ultimate wake style monster. It’s dynamic rocker makes it want to go upwind and helps you land even the toughest tricks. Boots or straps, taking your wild thing for a spin will turn the ocean into the craziest jungle gym. 

Check our warranty policy if you are considering to ride another of our board with boots. You will lose your warranty claim when using boots on another board.

If you want to take the step to growing on the water, you should definitely take it. The shotgun is an amazing board to take your skills to the next level. It has a lot of upwind capability and comfort, has good grip and stable landings. In short, it is enjoyable for a beginner/intermediate to ride it. If your ambitions lie in becoming better and better, you should go for it. If you like to stay at comfortable and easy riding, the Awesome would be perfect for you.

Personalizing your board with a name/phone number/ email address/custom text etc. will cost an additional amount of €50 euros. Let us know this as soon as you’ve ordered to prevent it might be too late!

A full custom board costs €300 additional to the standard price of the board. This includes choosing the rail color and the graphics on the top and the bottom deck.

Need help or guidance in creating your design? Contact us to get in touch with our designer who can visualize your ideas or to receive guidelines in how to create it.

Yes you can! Contact us to discuss which board you would like to have. Then we will carry out your order manually. info@lieuweboards.com