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Please choose your location to find out how to return your item.

Returns within Europe:
Fill in your address and order reference or track and trace to find out how to return your item. Please download and fill in the returns form and include it in the package. 

Click here to return your product within Europe.

International returns:
If you are not happy with the products, please make sure to download and fill in the return form and include it in the package. Afterwards, please send your unused products to the following address:

Lieuwe Boards B.V.
Nijverheidsstraat 1
2288BB, Rijswijk
The Netherlands

Please make sure the product is returned unused and in the same state as we have sent it to you. The customer is responsible for the cost of returning the goods. The product will be refunded once the product arrives at our location. Lieuwe reserves the right to decide whether the return is valid. If the product is damaged, the return can be refused, or only a portion of the amount can be refunded.

Customers have the right to cancel the contract. The period in which the customer can cancel the contract starts from the day the contract is initially made and lasts until 7 working days from the day after receipt of the goods. In such cases, the purchase price, including delivery and return postage cost will be refunded to the customer within 30 days. The 30 day refund period will begin on the day the consumer has given the notice to cancel the contract. This cancellation right is the case if the goods are not of satisfactory quality, fit for their purpose or match their description. However, when the board is made for the customer only, the order can only be cancelled until the design has been confirmed by mail.

Retail returns:
If your Lieuwe Board or product was purchased from a local dealer, you must bring your product back to the dealer. Please do not contact Lieuwe regarding returning a product that you purchased from a retailer. Unfortunately, we can only accept returns for products purchased directly at Lieuwe boards and were fulfilled and shipped directly by Lieuwe.

For further information, check the terms and conditions page.