Wheel size contributes to speed, grip, and agility. In general, larger wheels are used for downhill and smaller wheels are used for cruising. 

Larger Wheels: 71mm - 106mm
The larger the diameter of the wheel the faster it will be. These wheels can roll over sidewalk cracks or debris easier.

Venom Cannibals 76mm 78a White Red Wheels 

The Happy Medium: 69mm - 70mm
70mm wheels are the most popular. They are large enough to to provide a smooth ride and small enough for agility. If you have rough pavement where you skate, a 70mm wheel will help reduce the vibrations and chatter.

Cadillac Cruisers 70mm 80a Pink Wheels

Smaller Wheels: 60mm - 65mm
Campus cruisers and sidewalk surfers use smaller wheels for maneuverability. They also have less resistance to sliding, making them an option for freeriding. 

Hawgs Fatties 63mm 78a Sky Blue Wheels

When in doubt, send us an email at questions@thelongboardstore.comand we'll be happy to help you find the right size wheel.

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