The Summer is over and it's time to revamp your cold and wet gear for the winter. The change in temperature adds extra obstacles during skate sessions. Black ice, rain, and board durability used to leave skaters wishing for summer. This season, beat the winter with weather proof gear.

Deck: Moonshine makes 100% waterproof boards. Urethane rails seal the deck while adding durability and vibration dampening. Don't worry about style; they make boards from downhill to cruising.

The Moonshine 36" Firewater

Ceramic Bearings: Rainy days become a skate session. These babies are faster, smoother, and water proof.

The Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings 

Slide Gloves: I add hand warmers in my slide gloves. Warm hands make me happy.

Grippy wheels: Wet roads are great for huge stand up slides, but the speed devils can't keep their line. The HawgsBiggie have a massive contact patch with a 76a durometer. Translation: intensely grippy wheels for the tightest of lines. 

Hawgs Biggie 70mm 76a Grey Wheels

Grip Tape: Don't loose your footing. Vicious grip tape is water resistant, heavy corse, and extra adhesive.

Beanies: Keep your noggin warm and look hot with a beanie. No one likes a brain freeze. 

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