To remove the old grip tape, slip a flat edge or razor under the tape and pull

Use a piece of old grip tape or sand paper and scratch the top of your deck. This will help the grip tape sick. Brush off any dust or dirt.

Check the length of the grip tape to make sure you have enough to cover the deck. 

Remove the back side of the new grip tape. Align the tape and apply it from one end to the other. Press the tape to the board with your hand to reduce the chance of air pockets.

Use your wheels on your trucks to roll over the grip tape. This will pop any bubbles and help the tape fuse to the deck.

Use the side of your skate tool or screwdriver and rub against the edge of the deck. The friction should cause a white mark should show and weaken the edge of the tape.

Carefully, use a razor and cut along the edge of the board at a 45 degree angle. Try to do this in one motion. Stopping and starting will cause steps in the grip tape.

Use a nail to poke holes for your hardware.

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