Drop Through boards have a hole where the truck is mounted. This lowers the board, making it more stable and easer to push. Building your own board is an easy way to understand the way your gear functions and how to customize it. 

To mount your trucks on a Drop Through deck, you'll need:
-2 Trucks
-8 Bolts
-8 Nuts
-8 Nylon Washers
-4 Drop Through Shock Pads

If you have not assembled your trucks, wheels, and bearings, check out our DIY article here.

Photo: Landyachtz Switchblade Griffin Deck, Bear 852 181mm 52° Black Trucks, Hawgs Fatties 70mm 78a Blue Wheels, System Black Hardware, Rush Black Skate Tool

To mount the trucks, first you have to take them apart. Unscrew the kingpin nut and remove the top bushing. Pull off the hanger and take off the bottom bushings and washer (if it has one). Don't panic if you don't have a bottom washer, not all trucks need them. 

Next, align the drop through pads with the deck. Line up the baseplate holes to the drop through pads and deck. Wether you have a reverse kingpin or standard truck, always mount the pivot cups facing away from one another.

Slide the bolts through the baseplate and shock pad. Then slide the bolts through the deck. 

Once the bolts are through, add the nylon washers onto the bolt to protect the deck. Add the nuts and tighten.

Repeat these steps for the second baseplate.

Now that the baseplates are mounted, it's time to reassemble the trucks. Slide the bottom washer (if it has one) then the bottom bushing. Put the pivot into the hanger push it into place. Add the top bushings and washer (if it has one) and tighten the kingpin nut. The tighter the kingpin nut is, the more stability you will have. The looser the nut the more maneuverable the trucks will be. 

Repeat the same steps on the second truck. Your deck is now fully assembled! Happy shredding and always wear a helmet!

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