It's time for you new years resolution, here's why learning to longboard should be on you list. 

Even for the most fit skater, pushing is a work out. 30min of skating is better than 30min in a gym on a treadmill. It smells better too.

Flexibility and Strength:
Skating will help you stretch your hips and ankles while strengthening your entire body. You use your legs to push, core to balance, and upper body for agility. 

Improved Coordination:
Learning to carve, freeride, and cruise requires coordination between your knees, feet, hips, and upper body. Longboarding uses your entire body to control movement and stopping. 

Cross Training:
Longboarding is used as cross training for snowboarding, surfing, and wake boarding. When your season is over or the conditions aren't ride, you don't have to stop training. Grab a board and get to work.

Improved Balance:
Increasing your balance will help you strengthen you core and avoid falling. This is important as age starts to effect our balance.

Learn To Fall:
Although your balance will be vastly improved, eventually, everybody falls. Always make sure you wear your helmet in the case that you will fall. Learning how to land correctly on a longboard will decrease your chance of injury, on or off a longboard.

Mental heath:
Learning new things challenges your brain to adapt. Longboarding also gets you active and outside, which releases dopamine, making you happy. 

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