Grab a mini cruiser for the late night runs to the corner store or thrash the streets from point A to point B.

Arbor 31" Sizzler Shark $170

This swallowtail shape burns through sidewalks with its quick control. Take a bite out of your summer with the Arbor Sizzler Shark.

Globe 33" Chromantic Tequila $140

It's all good vibes and sunrises with the Chromantic Tequila. Use the EVA tail pad to surf the streets when the waves are a bust.

Dusters Prebuilt 31" Keen Cruiser $120

Shred loud and proud with this flashy board. The Keen Cruiser gets it's name from being sharp and ready to cut through pavement.

From beachfront to storefront, these compact boards can be thrown in to your trunk for an impromptu skate session and the "gotta skate that" moments.

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