The baseplate is the part of the truck that is physically attached to the deck. The angle of the baseplate also effects the angle of the hanger. 

A higher angle on the baseplate (50° and up) gives the rider more leverage over their trucks, which is great for cruising, carving, and freestyle. Higher baseplate angles will move the hanger further away from the deck, reducing wheel bite.

Paris 180mm 50° Black Truck 

Bear 852 181mm 52° Black Truck

A lower baseplate angle (44°) increases stability, making it ideal for downhill or high speed freeriding. The lower angles will bring the hanger closer to the deck, increasing the chance of wheel contact. To learn how to avoid wheel bite, read next weeks article. 

Caliber 10" 44° Black Trucks 

Atlas 180mm 48° Black Trucks

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