Slide gloves protect you during "Hands Down" slides or falls. Like many of the previous topics we've discussed on this blog, gloves are chosen around person preference. There are different features that make them more attractive to different styles of skating. 

Gloves with mesh and wicking fabric will help keep your hands cool, especially after you start working up a sweat. Leather and kevlar gloves have increased durability. These materials will be warmer, but offer more protection.

Gloves can have additional features like anti vibration foam or terry thumb panel to wipe away sweat. Carbon fiber knuckle guards offer addition protection for race situations. 

(Sector 9 Boxer White Slide Gloves)

Full gloves cover your entire hand against road rash and other hazards. Fingerless gloves only cover the palm and keep the hand cool in warm weather.

Palm pucks are the bare minimum required when skating. This is where the majority of weight will be distributed over your hand. Gloves with only palm pucks give riders the freedom to grab rail through corners and slides.

(Sector 9 Boxer White Slide Gloves

Finger pucks come in two different styles, lobster and four fingers. Both styles help distribute weight over your hands. Finger pucks have less grip if you need to grab your board through turns. 

Thumb pucks sit over the (surprise!) thumb for additional weight distribution.

(Loaded Leather Race Slide Gloves)

No one expects to crash, but it's a risk we take with skating. Wear slide gloves to protect your hands and always wear a helmet!

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